To count the benefits of God in our life: An efficient way to leave our depresses!

To count the benefits of God in our life: An efficient way to leave our depresses!
To count the benefits of God in our life:

An efficient way to leave our depresses!
We, we do not claim Christian,
to rent the Lord with joy and enthusiasm? It is there certainly our
desire. But to be really sincere, it is necessary for us however well to admit
that it is often only at the cost of main efforts that we reach that point.
In fact, it, very often we admit do not even want to do it!
Then how to arrive there?
David shows of it us the way in psalm 143 where it expresses its distress first of all, his discouragement then, it
takes the time to remember its past, to meditate on works of
Lord in his life. He remembers then the demonstration of his kindness
day after day in its connection, of its fidelity, the control of its spirit, of
its protection, of its justice and its mercy. With the sense line of it
psalm we first of all see David in the abatement, the discouragement and,
as it starts to count the benefits of the Lord in its
life, its heart is strengthened, its confidence finds its roots, and David is
strongly renewed in its spirit.
It is the same for us to leave
moment when we start to count and to pass by again in our heart all them
benefits that the Lord, in his grace, granted to us during the years
run out. Our heart and our spirit then find force and courage to continue
of going from the front one.
One day, I read the account of one
Christian who, has a given moment of his life, had started to consign them
granted prayers and special blessings in a personal newspaper
that he had endeavoured to hold up to date, over the years. Thereafter, it
its diary had unfortunately mislaid but had found it, several
years after, at one time when its faith staggered and where it found in
depress. Which was not its surprise by noting that he had forgotten the majority
events that it had registered there!
Whereas it had gone back to reading sound
invaluable diary, it occurred the following thing, according to its clean
terms: My memory of the fidelity of God was then revived, my faith
staggering started to strengthen itself, and my confidence as a God found its
roots. The fact of pointing out all the blessings to me that the Lord, in
its grace, had granted, produced in me something of marvellous to me:
my confidence in Him was completely restored.
Since several years, the Lord
led me to hold up to date a book of memories, a kind of diary of
interventions and of the fidelity of God through my life and I encourage
each Christian to do it because, as I already tried out with several
recoveries, arrived the day when that made the difference between the victory
and the defeat in my own life.
Asaph, in Psalm 77, depicts us
also a staggering faith. It draws up in front of us the list of the serious one
doubts which are them his, when he says:

Did God forget to have compassion? It, in its anger, withdrew its

And suddenly it stops, in the enumeration of its complaints, while declaring

I will point out works of the Eternal, because I remember your
wonders of formerly….

Obviously, this passage shows us that the fact of remembering them
benefits and the wonders which the Lord achieved in our life,
revive our faith. And Asaph continues now while saying:

I will speak about all your works, I will tell your benefits. You are it
God who makes wonders and by your arm, you delivered your people.

He quotes then the great interventions of the Lord in the life of sound
populate and finishes while saying:

You led your people like a herd
Also we would not make
even? Why would not create not our own book of memories in there
consigning the miraculous interventions that the Lord achieved with the wire
of our life? By reading again these things thereafter, how much our faith and
our confidence as a God would be strengthened by it. Our heart could not then
that to burst of praises and worship!
In short, nothing is effective any more
to leave our depresses to let the Lord fill our heart of
recognition towards the many actions of its powerful hand with through
of our existence. Our spirit will be renewed by it and our love for Him in
like all will be again set ablaze. Yes, to count the benefits of God and
to rent the Lord for his infinite patience and its great fidelity with our
regard is certainly the best drug against depresses for any Christian
We do not weary to rent it
Lord and to testify with the future generation to our recognition
towards our God! To them about his power and wonders that we speak
saw operating in us and through us. Our depresses will fly away
then well quickly; our heart and our spirit will find certainly them
balance, the force and courage to carry on our way.
Let us not hesitate to snuggle our weak
hand in Its Strong hand. Its presence at our east coasts and will remain for us one
sure shelter in the most unfavourable circumstances, and that all with length
of our terrestrial pilgrimage. The celestial city where Jesus prepared us one
place, expects us. Let us raise our eyes, our redemption approaches and our
hope is so glorious.
Dorothée ha

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