Baptism: What says about the Bible?


Today, in this world confused without God, I wanted to talk about baptism, with its first meaning.


Let's see what the bible says about it:


Baptism, is not the removal of dirt of the body, but the commitment of a good conscience toward God (1 Peter 3/21)


He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. (mark 16/16)


Jean also Baptising at Aenon near Salim, because there were plenty of water; and there had to be baptized. (jean 3/23)


That is what means baptize, that is as a baptism?


The Wikipedia Encyclopedia defines it thus: "the baptism (from the Greek verb former Βάπτίζήιν baptõ, usitative by the verb Βάπτήιν baptein,"plunge into liquid") is a rite or a sacrament symbolizing the new life of the Christian believer." Dead compared to their old life characterized by sin, the new Christians raised in a new life with Christ. "This ceremony is often a public testimony of conversion."


According to the bible, baptism also means "dive into the water" and is the commitment of a good conscience toward God: to be baptized, so you must engage with God (and therefore believe) and walk with a good conscience on the ways of God.
Even Jesus he was baptized by John in the waters of the Jordan River (Matthew 3/13).
In addition, the bible makes no mention of baptism of infants or children, because he had to be aware of the commitment that the baptism was a commitment to follow the commandments of God.
In the book of the acts of the Apostles, after having heard of the Gospel, the good news of Jésus Christ died for every individual has the cross, that people, in good conscience, were baptized. And through this baptism, they decided to walk in the path that Jesus had drawn: to abandon sin and walk in righteousness.


But today that we see?


Baptism became a custom... and above all an occasion to celebrate!


Parents 'Catholics', often believers but not practicing, do baptize their baby by sprinkling a few drops of water on the front, often by custom, because baptism is an opportunity to make a party, but is no longer an 'engagement'... as a baby or toddler can not take only the decision to engage with God, and he may not believe in God.


But in recent years, there is a novelty that exceeds all understanding: civil baptism!
That is what it is than that?
Civil baptism has nothing of true biblical baptism... it comes to a ceremony at the Town Hall and to mark on records of the 'Godfathers' and 'godmothers' for children, according to the legislation, this baptism civil (or Republican) is designed to bring the child in the Republican community and to join symbolically to Republican values.


It does not stop the progress in human stupidity! and we forget about God!
This civil baptism (as well as the baptism of babies) has therefore no value!
You can't baptize without water and without God (and without the consent of the baptized)! Otherwise it is not a baptism!


You do not, you who made "civilly" baptize your children, it's as if you had nothing done... but God who loves all children, if it was something happening to them them would in his paradise of love... Fortunately that it does not account for human stupidity...


And I even added, let your children choose their path: let their more big, to have knowledge of the bible and making their personal choices. If they choose to believe in God, they will be baptized them even biblical baptism when they are in age to reason and to engage in an informed, that baptism is the only one that is valid in the eyes of God.


As one of my dear friends Charles Emmanuel Pavelkova says: "being ignorant is not serious, what is serious is to remain"! May God forgive your ignorance dear parents, he loves you despite your shortcomings and mistakes...


And that your children are not ignorant when has the meaning first of the baptism, which is related to the belief in God and the commitment of the baptised to God, and let choose them their own path... never decide in their place, they could well blame you it later...


Be blessed.

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