If the sea is unleashed, if the wind blows hard, don't be afraid of death...

If the sea is unleashed, if the wind blows hard, don't be afraid of death...


Your footsteps of Jesus October 21 02: 28
If the sea is unleashed, if the wind is blowing strong, don't be afraid of death, if the wind is blowing strong, don't be afraid of death. He did not say, that you coulerais, it did not say that you sombrerais, he said, are going to the other side, are going to the other side...


Amen, amen, amen! Whenever I hear this song, I'm in an indescribable joy, my forces are multiplying, and all is well!


Shalom, shalom people of God! Are you okay? I know that everything is going well by the grace of God!


Today we are going to 'go the other side' with this publication, for the glory of God and for his glory alone!


Our insurance in our Lord Jesus Christ gives us all, children of God, this comfort, this peace, this joy, this calm, this safety, this certainty that all is well. Rain, snow or it's windy, it's alright because we walk with God Almighty, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings! Each barrier is crossed with a minimum of effort, sacrifice, gift of self, as if it was natural, normal, as if this were our of, although this is, but a fight without real fighting because we are between of the Almighty hands him fighting for us!


We just meet the Lord, or we have a Department that has existed for more than 10 years, we married, our children go well, are always with us in worship on Sunday, we support the poor, we do what the Lord tells us to do, we trust the Lord will perfect the work begun in us and he will strengthen us until the endto be blameless in the day of Christ.


We walk with the conviction that we are from now purified of all sin confessed to God, thanks to widespread on the Cross blood and the all powerful intercession of our only lawyer and mediator, Lord Jésus Christ...And we see the hand of the Lord in our lives, in a particular way, in the deliverance, healing, reconciliation, the miracle...So, our faith becomes like the grain of mustard seed, the tiniest of seeds, which grows, grows and becomes a shrub!


But, now that the Lord for us to grow again and again, for we used as seems, for the glory of his own name, makes us change direction, Cape, environment, atmosphere and this is to our elevation! At this point, things get complicated because everything changes, everything is challenged, all redesigned, everything is different! You look, do if there are more, this is something new! We are not used, and it is panic aboard our hearts, our minds, our insurance! Madame doubt arrives, Miss fear enters and Mr. panic invades us! Our new direction does not suit us, we seek all the excuses, all the excuses. It is this same God yet that whispered us to the ear 'vas y, this is the path that I trace you, on the other side is your new life' and we hesitate!


Remember this dream! All was going well, Jesus was my advocate, my shield, my Savior, and I found myself in a new environment! I saw this immensity of the sea and those who were in good or bad posture and the way that I had to borrow! Something different, but it was the forced passage! That it was on this bridge in liane or swam, it was my way to the other side! Idealogy bridge in liane, broken, or the sea, this unknown, or so I know to swim and I arrive or I flows, I drown myself!


There are always several alternatives in front of us, certainly that one of them will be easier than others, and that is what we will use if we have faith, farm insurance given the new situation, facing the unknown; and it will be less complicated, faster, more direct because that's where we are at the time "T", at the time where the Lord commanded the situation change, the elevation, the new season! But the Lord is so good that there's always an alternative, second chance! Him, what matters it is to make us go the other side! He knows what we are made! Him that searcheth hearts and kidneys, knew that the panic invade me to the discovery of this sea, this new atmosphere. He encouraged me yet by whispering me "C'mon you can do", but I was scared and I fell in the water! And there, yet it helped me, it has supported me, he gave me his favour, once again! I found myself on the edge of the sea, without effort, without rowing, without suffering.
The track was open, it was changing the passage so that I can get the other side!

There is only the God who can do so! My beloved, our God knows what we are made! He looks at our heart, our availability, within us and not what we want to appear, be. I repeat, he looks only to the purpose of things and not at the beginning of these! He wants me to be the other side because on the other side it's me that he wants to use, it's me that it considered capable! On the other side is my Ministry, the other side is my blessing, the other side is my elevation and the other edge is the outbreak of the gifts that the Lord has given me, for the advancement of his work! Me, like you!

My beloved, we have the best example of one who went from the other side. It took that Abram passes the other side so that God can change its name and become Abraham, the father of faith! He had to leave his comfort, his country, his homeland, the home of his father to go to an unknown place, in a country that the Lord said that he would show him! He knew nothing of this country and indeed anything of this God! It was all new, all new to him. He did not know if it would be easy, hard, long...He knew nothing! But he stood up and he went there, with a farm insurance, with faith!

We, our God says "for I know the projects that I've trained on you, says the Lord, peace projects and not of evil, to give you a future and hope." (Jeremiah 29: 11) If traced us this path that leads from the other side, let's simply!

My beloved, Moses had to leave its comfort, the House of Pharaoh, his title of prince to pass the other side and meet the "big I am. He had to leave his comfort, his father-in-law Jethro, his sheep, his peaceful life... to move from the other side and issue the Israeli people!

My beloved, it took God passes by the other side, so that we can be free and have access to eternal life and the legacy of the father! He had to leave his throne of glory, cast, be made flesh in Jesus Christ, through the cross, by death, then the resurrection...

My beloved, Jesus fed the crowd, performed miracles and rose from the other side with his disciples, for their elevation! They have seen so that even the winds, the sea obey Jesus Christ who could calm the storm and that it could even walk on water. Their faith was grown! The other side Jésus Christ could issue the demon, resurrect the daughter of Jairus, and the sick woman's loss of blood for 12 years. The other side, he did great things... The other side, we move up a gear!

Pass the other edge is vital and essential in the life of a true child of God, because this point marks the beginning of a new era! Certainly, way to go between the two edges is strewn with difficulties, obstacles, but we are not alone, he is with us and who is Alpha in our life, to reveal Omega, who is the beginning and the end, the first and the last!

In this immense sea, some people drowned, others were able to swim to the edge. On this bridge I'm fallen, others were able to cross it! By the sea were the children of God and according to their appeal, their intimacy with God, their destiny, they could more easily the other side!

In this dream the Lord taught me much, has taught us all and I know that each could have his share! For what concerns me, began a new era with my Lord, the book he gave me will be the subject of another share, when the time will come!

For the one who has the revelation, I know that he understood, so I ask him just to support me in prayer, to encourage me because it's all sets that we will get there!

Sons and daughters of the living God, creator of heaven, the Earth and all the universe, be blessed in Christ Jesus!

I love you with the love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"Jesus said to them: my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work" (John 4: 34)

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