The order to keep you - Kenneth Hagin

The order to keep you - Kenneth Hagin
Posted: October 5, 2012 3:00 PM PDT

God commanded his angels to keep me
all my ways.
Psalms 91: 11
11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in
all your ways;

I heard a missionary pioneer of Full Gospel, recounting an experience he had lived. 
A girl from the village where he was
his ministry had been kidnapped by a tribe neighbor.
 Relatives knew that the small under the back before nightfall
they do not see him again.The missionary and his interpreter 
made their way through the jungle to get to
village captors. They had brought trinkets to parley with the chief tribe.
 Can not cross the jungle before
daybreak, they were forced to spend night in the village of kidnappers.
 While they slept on the floor in a thatched hut, they
were awakened by the drum, according interpreter, announced their death. 
The chief had decided to kill them and keep and Baubles and the girl.
 Then they heard the
natives hostile toward them. The missionary and his interpreter knelt,
 prayed and dedicated themselves to
God. Then the missionary said, "Do not expect but go out, I go first".
He left the hut, eyes closed, and
apparently waited an eternity. With a stroke of knife, the natives could 
cut his head. But he heard groans and
complaints. He cast a glance around him and saw that all the natives were 
prostrate, face against the ground.
"They call you god," said the interpreter. 'They argue that leaving the hut,
 you was accompanied by two giants dressed in white,
each armed with a great sword. "A good statement: God commanded 
his angels to keep me all my ways.

Thought for the day this was written by Kenneth

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