The second anniversary of your Blog

The second anniversary of your Blog []


Hello to all and all,


It is with a real joy in our Lord of glory JESUS CHRIST that I announce to you that to know October 27, 2012 that the Blog: is going to celebrate its second year since its inception coming soon.


By your visits, your comments..., this blog grew up in various topics, and in the number of consultations. With you, we've passed the Cape of 55,000 visitors, among whom we Christians and non-Christians.


Here is to remember that the purpose of this blog is and always will be to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ while making it practical and real in the life of any visitor.


This principle is simple, we identify for you and for us also the best part articles covering worldwide on topics and themes on the word of God.


I take this opportunity to ask you, if you can, send us you also subjects and themes of reflections and biblical exhortations to the following address:


Also, please send us your reviews, your suggestions, your comments, your thoughts... in order to better improve us.


May the Lord bless you all.


The administrator of the Blog
Guy Romuald AMBENA,
Tel: (237) 22 03 11 66

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